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Raising Zeus was one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences of my life.

It was also a very lonely experience.


Living in London, I did not have many friends who in their mid twenties decided to embark on a journey of raising and training a dog – especially not a slightly more challenging dog like Zeus.

I had so many questions, and I spent half a fortune on trainers and dog behaviourists who provided very little comfort, support and guidance. They also only ever provided one set of experiences and knowledges.

Zeus not only had a dominant personality, but he also suffers from dysplasia – a hereditary joint ailment that caused him to have surgery on both of his elbows at 8 months old. It was heart-breaking and it will continue to be so in the future as it is guaranteed that it will come back at some point in his life.

Over the last three years with Zeus, I came to realise that most of the information that we pet owners need in order to raise well-balanced pets (and stay sane ourselves) – is in the heads of other pet owners.

As helpful as professional trainers can be, there is nothing as comforting and insightful as speaking to pet owners who have experienced similar problems with their own pets.

That is why Zeus and I wanted to build a platform – an app – that would allow pets & their owners to become part of a supportive community.

A community which brings us pet owners together from around the world to support each other and to share our experiences, tips, and advices – for free. So that we would no longer have to be alone in raising our pets, and we would no longer need to spend fortunes in order to do so!

There was also a second issue that Zeus & I discovered: The pet industry creates a lot of waste – unsold products and goods – that end up landfills. Landfills are destroying the environment as we know it, and so we started trying to figure out if we could do something with those unsold goods – give them a second purpose!

And that is how, Ladies & Gentleman, Zeus and I came up with the following solution:

Zeus and I could not be prouder to soon introduce to you:

The Z & A appZ_A

Z & A : The new Q & A platform for the pet communities

Z & A allows pets & their owners to:

  • Ask & and answer questions about pet ownership.
  • Connect with pets, pet owners & pet professionals from around the world in order to share knowledge, tips, and advice – for free.
  • Engage and communicate with our favourite pet businesses and brands in order to ask important questions regarding the products that we purchase from them.
  • Reward each other for sharing our knowledges – these rewards are the unsold products that pet companies have not been able to get rid of. It’s a win-win situation because pet companies get to promote themselves through providing these products, we pet owners get free stuff, and less products end up in landfills!



Thats right! We will be REWARDING our users for sharing all their pet related knowledge.

We will be rewarding YOU for asking and answering all your pet related questions.

How it Works:


1.  Ask a Question



2. Pick your favourite Answer:


3. The winner will receive points for giving the best answer:

£1 = 100 points . There are many ways that you can collect points on the Z & A app; by answering questions, sharing questions with your friends, and even answering questions from companies that have BONUS points attached to them !

4. Points can be exchanged for pawsome pet prizes that would otherwise end up in landfills !



What Questions do YOU & YOUR pet need answers to?



Love, Z & A 💜

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