As many of you may know, ZEUS suffers from dysplasia. The First & Foremost thing that I can do to help Zeus with his dysplasia is control his diet, and feed him natural foods that will help elevate symptoms.

Dysplasia means “abnormality of development”. Many large breed dogs such as Labradors, Rottweilers &  mastiffs are prone to developing elbow and hip dysplasia. In the most simplest terms; dysplasia occurs when the three bones that join at either the elbow joint or the hip joint don’t fit together properly. This causes a lot of friction, and a lot of pain for the dogs – the pain can be witnessed through the dog starting to limp. Zeus started limping at 7 months old which is on the younger side – usually most dogs don’t start to experience symptoms until they are 2+ years old.

Some argue that humans are to blame for the sharp increase of dysplasia over the last few decades – and I would probable be one of them. Particularly Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Bulldogs & St Bernards are being bred to be as big as possible – because humans have decided that they are more favourable this way 😓. This has caused a lot of pressure on the joints and on the dogs bones general health. Dogs with dysplasia are very prone to bone cancer, and

Although there is no cure for dysplasia, and it is almost 100% guaranteed that dogs with dysplasia will develop osteoarthritis at some stage in their lives, there are many things that we humans can do to slow down the rate of progression, and also alleviate symptoms when they do surface.

I very much believe that the FIRST & MOST IMPORTANT STEP to consider is your dogs diet & there are many awesome natural herbs and foods that you can feed your dog that will help.IMG_7708

In this section of our Blog you will find dog food and dog treat recipes that contain these foods and herbs.

Other IMPORTANT things to consider:

  1. Make sure your dog stays at his or her ideal weight. Excess weight will put more pressure on the joints.
  2. Since Zeus was a puppy, I have mixed natural joint supplements into his food as prescribed by his Vet – this was even before he had any symptoms. To be honest, who knows how much effect they had because he developed dysplasia anyway. However, I would still recommend it – there is absolutely no harm in trying.
  3. If you own a breed that is prone to dysplasia (or any breed in my opinion) DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG PROCESSED DOG FOOD THAT YOU CAN BUY AT THE GROCERY STORE. I cannot emphasise this enough. They are disgusting, they are horrid – there is absolutely nothing good about them at all and they will do absolutely nothing for your dog except shorten your dogs life span.
  4. Speak to your Vet and together decide on a Dog Food that would be most appropriate for your dog, and that has all the right vitamins and nutrients that your dog to help improve bone development.

Happy Munchin’ all you little Munchkins 💋

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