Hey Y’all, Thanks so much for popping by. Let us introduce ourselves.

ZEUS is a 3 and a half year old kind, rambunctious, up-beat, and READY – FOR – ANYTHING male Rottweiler who unfortunately has dysplasia on all his joints. He is infamous for his *BANG BANG* skills and throwing London’s best BBQ parties. He is also a co-founder to a startup with his mama, and he can’t wait to share it with you guys soon ❤️

I, ANNA, am Mama of course. According to popular belief, I have an inexhaustible supply of 🍗  and 🥓 in my pockets – just in case I meet a new furry friend, or in preparation for Zeus misbehaving (the hound would stop breathing, if asked, for bacon). Animals, in particular dogs, have always been my happy place. I started volunteering at animal shelters as soon as I was old enough, and I absolutely judge people based on how they treat animals. I am a dog trainer, dog nutritionist and Z’s co-founder to a startup that will soon hopefully improve the lives of pets and their owners!

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Here is what you can find on our blog:

  1. My honest opinions and experiences in raising my rowdy & wonderful male Rottweiler.
  2. Training tips & Nutrition advice, dog behaviour & psychology guidance, doggy-lifestyle tips, and also breed specific informations (I tour breed shows and interview pet professionals of all varieties).

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 One of the most difficult parts of raising a well balanced dog is shifting through the endlessly varying opinions on every detail of your dogs life.

To neuter or not?

To feed a raw diet or not?

To allow your dog to say hello to other dogs while on the lead or not?

Every professional has a different opinion, and it can be expensive & time consuming to access all that information. This blog includes my experiences of raising Zeus, my honest opinions about various training methods and pet nutrition, and all the the other informations that I have picked along the way.

Remember that not every tactic, every lifestyle, every nutrition etc. works for every dog. YOU will ultimately have to figure out what works best for you and your dog. We are just here to help provide a little bit of extra insight on what worked for us.

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Although I personally believe in Adopt Don’t Shop, there are many people out there that would like pedigree dogs – and that is absolutely fine as long as everyone knows what they are getting themselves into.

Amongst many other things, I travel dog breed shows, and I spend/have spent a lot of time with dogs and their professionals ; I am on a mission to accumulate as much information as possible.

The reasons behind me wanting to do this are very simple:

A. I couldn’t imagine anything more fun that hanging out with dogs.

B. I want to learn as much as I can about dogs from reputable breeders, dog owners, & professionals.

There are a few serious issues that our society is facing around pets and pet ownership:

  1. Too many dogs end up in animal shelters because owners know too little about the breed and the needs of their dog.
  2. Too many dogs end up in animal shelters because owners weren’t aware of how much time & money is needed to raise a well behaved dog.
  3. Humans are unfortunately destroying certain breeds because of inbreeding and unnatural aesthetic preferences. I hope to raise awareness to this so that the public can start forcing breeders to become responsible.

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We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Z & I are always happy to reply to any questions or comments that you may have regarding the information that we provide; so feel free to ask away 🙂

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