How to pick a Sitter for your Pooch

Leaving our doggos even for a work-day can be stressful and upsetting (probably mainly us); so to leave them with a stranger for a longer period of time can really be testing.

Apart from the obvious heartache that the separation from our dog will cause, we do have a far more important worry to consider; our pooches safety and wellbeing while we are gone.

We have all heard the horror stories about human or pooch babysitters that have abused their situations, and sometimes quite severely neglected those that we love the most.

So how do we decide on the right babysitter? Should we be using sites such as

YES we should, and here is why:


We need to get over our fears. Unfortunately bad things can and sometimes do happen; but most of them, if we keep our feet on the ground and use some common sense can be avoided.

  1. Animal people tend to be pretty awesome. Think about the last time that you met a person that loved dogs and wasn’t a nice, chill, and pretty fabulous human being? I can’t remember the last time I met such a person. Living in London, I know endless lovely individuals who would love nothing more than to have a dog but can’t because of logistics or long work hours. Sites such as borrowmydoggy are filled with these people who would probably even PAY YOU to spend some time with your dog.


  2. ASK FOR REFERENCES. Now that we have reminded ourselves that most animal loving people are pretty awesome, it’s time to figure out which candidates are the most suited for OUR dogs. First thing you better be doing; ask for references.

  3. Try before you Buy ! Instead of jumping straight into a two-week-long contract with a new pooch sitter while you go to Australia; have a few practice sessions! I would never ever allow someone who hasn’t first gotten acquainted and comfortable with Zeus (or most importantly vice versa) to just come and take care of him. Your dog needs to KNOW the person, and preferably quite well, before you leave them with them for a longer period of time.


  4. Emergency Plan. Come up with a solid and clear emergency plan if anything were to go wrong. There is no harm in making a phone call to your vet and informing them that while you are away person X is taking care of them. If anything, god forbid, were to happen; at least there will be trusted individuals locally that can quickly come to help. Maybe even let your neighbours know, your co-workers; don’t go overboard but honestly it cannot hurt to make sure that person X is aware that there are many people involved.


  5.  Go have some fun. As much as we love our dogs, and they love us – it is important to remember that it is GOOD for us to not always be together. So go enjoy your holiday, let your pooch enjoy his and look forward to being reunited; because lets face it – going away might just be worth the moment when you are reunited with your dog 💜


Stay Safe & Happy,

Love Always,

Zeus & Anna 💜


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