5 things NOT to do with your Pooch

Our Pooches are our lives … and we would do anything for them.

As much as we love to pamper our doggos, spend all of our time with them, and take them everywhere we possibly can … there are a few things we should remember NOT to do with our dogs.

Here is our little list of the top 5 things NOT to do with your hound because your fluff friends happiness is your happiness.

IMG_4752 2

  1. Don’t treat your dog like a human. Society is constantly telling us what is proper, how we should behave, and in what manner we should be interacting with each other. Although I am an avid believer in not giving many 💩’s about these rules even for humans, it is especially important not to force your dog to comply with human societal or behavioural etiquettes. Every dog is different, has a different background, different likes and dislikes; but ultimately they are POOCHES and not humans. Don’t try to please humans by making your dog behave in a certain way. For example, if your dog gets nervous about saying hi to other dogs when he is on the lead; don’t worry if another human gets offended. Listen to your dog, and no-one else.


  2. Don’t feed your dog everything that you eat. This is one of my favourite topics, and I write and speak about this a lot. Remember that your dogs diet is a crucial part in your pooches physical wellbeing and also behaviour. There are many acceptable leftovers to feed your doggo, but there are also many human foods that will do nothing in ensuring that your pooch leads as happy and a fulfilled life as possible.
  3. Don’t give your dog attention at the WRONG times. This is the ultimate starting point in exchanging your dogs unwanted behaviours to wanted behaviours. Endless correction will do nothing compared to giving praise and positive reinforcement when your dog is behaving well. As importantly, is making sure that you do NOT feed bad behaviour by reinforcing it with your attention. If your dog is misbehaving, barking etc. the last thing you want to do is shower your dog with attention.


  4. Don’t use a crate as a punishment. The crate is supposed to be your dog’s happy & safe place ! If you start associating punishment or correction with the crate, your dog will learn to hate it and see it as a bad place. Most likely, your pooch will also have absolutely no idea why you put them in the crate to begin with. Crate as punishment simply does not work.
  5. Don’t EVER EVER EVER EVER hit your dog. Like I just mentioned, punishment rarely ever works to create anything other than a low self-esteem in your dog. Physical reprimanding is also a direct link to future aggression in your dog. Teach a dog aggression, and he may react aggressively down the line.

    IMG_4744 Love Always, Zeus & Anna 💜

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