Are you lazy but want a big dog? Newfies might be the breed for you !

This is legit one of the chillest, most relaxed dog breeds out there.

I sure can’t get enough of them. Everything about them is just cool ; from the way the move around, to the amount of drool they have dripping down their necks. (MEMO: unless just wiped, DO NOT go for the throat/neck area when you go to pet these guys – unless you have a towel with you at the ready 🙃).

Imagine yourself on a beach after a massive pasta carbonara and now you & your second Mojito are about to flop down into a sun lounger & let it all hang – this is what these guys look like all the time.


If you’re getting a Newfie – than you better also get one of these Drool Bibs – as cute as these bibs are – I can assure you that they also have a very important job to do 🤣. These bibs are super easy to find, on E-bay for example, regardless of where you live (I can’t emphasise enough that these truly are not just a fashion statement!).

Drool wiping will be your main activity when it comes to owning these wonderful dogs – however this is something that can easily be done while lying on the couch!



  • They shed a lot & grooming can be demanding – this is your main maintenance job.
  • The ultimate DROOL MONSTERS. If you’re a clean freak forget it.
  • Kind, sweet, calm, big teddy bears who love children
  • Moderately/highly easy to train. They want to please. Lead training is very important as obviously these guys are going to get massive.
  • Predominantly lazy and & not rambunctious. Swimming is their favourite exercise; they absolutely adore it. Daily walks, as with any breed, are a MUST.
  • Black & white Newfies are considered less desirable by breeders and other Newfie owners; apparently they have more challenging personalities.

FullSizeRender 33


I personally would not think twice about bringing a Newfie into a child household. Although they are extra large dogs – they will easy weigh over 100lbs (50kgish) – they are incredibly patient and careful with children. Their mellow personalities, and ‘meh’ attitude to life allows them to tolerate screaming and rambunctious play from the little ones without wanting to join in and potentially hurt a child.

They are easy going and friendly with strangers, however if their family genuinely is in danger – they will come to the defence. This is why they also make good guard dogs – they will notify their family of strangers approaching the property. They will however need to be provoked quite extensively for them to ‘attack’ (not like Rottweilers, for example, whose ‘provocation tolerance levels are lower’).



As calm and collected as these guys are – don’t mistake them for complete fat slobs. The Newfoundland is in the working AND guarding dog group. The Newfie has been used throughout history, and still to this day, for pulling heavy carts and helping around in farm like environments; they like to work, and they will enjoy both physical and mental training.

They are calm inside the house, however they do require their daily walk. Having said this, obviously they are massive – so don’t bother purchasing expensive furniture or antiques as they are prone to being clumsy.

Also if you can take these guys swimming – they will love you forever. There are many wonderful heroic stories that float around about Newfies rescuing children from drowning etc.



These fluff nuggets pretty much shed all year around so you should prepare yourself to spend some money on professional groomers. Their coats are incredibly dense and water resistant, however this will be your main source of work. With Newfies you will generally not have to worry about rowdy behaviour, temper tantrums, or excessive exercise regimes.

Generally quite healthy dogs although dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s disease may be a problem if you acquire from a bad breeder. As with any dog breed that requires slightly more work, there are also a lot of Newfies looking for forever homes at shelters because humans get them without realising how much grooming and space is required.



The Newfie dog show is one of the only shows that I have attended in which I didn’t come across a single badly behaved dog; to be fair I didn’t meet a highly trained one either though. It seemed that most owners were quite chill about not enforcing rules and commands – because due to their general calm dispositions they weren’t needed. Not a single dog tried to jump on me, and I didn’t see a single dog giving their owners grief. What I did see ALL THE TIME in EVERY direction was constant drool wiping and brushing.



My Favourite Breeder From Show

Gary & Theresa Coldwell based in Surrey, UK.

You can find more information on them in the linkbelow:  



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