What not to feed your dog on Thanksgiving

Zeus and I absolutely love Thanksgiving.

When Z’s turkey toy was bigger than him 😵

We prefer it even to Christmas; there is less pressure, and at least our family is less emotional or on edge.

For us thanksgiving is all about the food; its about making food, sharing food, and of course most importantly – eating it with people we love and care about.

Zeus obviously feels the same way, however we as dog owners should be aware that not all ingredients in our Thanksgiving meals are suitable for dogs – particularly in large doses.


Therefore here is our list of the following foods to watch out for over the Thanksgiving weekend; so as to make sure that you and your pooch can be healthy and get stuffed all at the same time !

  1. Onions, garlic, & leeks. These are first on our list as I used to use them all in almost everything that I would make! Both however in large doses can be quite harmful to your pooch. Sautéed onions, garlics, or leeks, can even be severely poisonous to your dog.

  2. Turkey fat & bones. Turkey in itself is a great source of protein for your pooch; however it is important to be vigilant not to allow your pooch to consume too much fat (which is often also accompanied by salt), nor cooked bones. Any cooked bones splinter easily and can cause damage to your dogs insides. I would recommend only giving your dog turkey meat pieces with no skin or bones.

  3. Grapes and Raisins. Many stuffings – including ones that I used to make- would contain raisins. Raisins, whether cooked or not, are highly toxic to dogs and theses should be avoided at all costs. Use cranberries instead – they are safe for dogs to eat and I think they even give a better taste!


4. Milk and Dairy. If you are not looking for bouts of diarrhoea this weekend – then avoid giving dairy products to your dog! Dogs do not have high levels of lactase – the enzymes that break up dairy, so your pooch’s stomach will be unable to digest these foods without getting sick.

5. Sugar. This should be an obvious one; as all of should know that chocolate and the artificial sweetener xylitol – are incredibly toxic to dogs. Cavities, weight gain, and diabetes are also big concerns if your dog is consuming sugar on a regular bases. It has absolutely no health benefits and I personally see no reason to be feeding sugary foods to Zeus.

6. Salty Snacks including all Nuts (whether salted or not). MACADAMIA NUTS ARE THE WORST. All nuts contain unnecessarily high amounts of fats and oils that can be very upsetting to your dogs stomach; I would say avoid at all costs. Salty foods or snacks, including all potato chips and salted popcorns, can cause sodium ion poisoning in your pooch and should again be avoided at all costs.

7.Citrus. Small doses can be ok and result in nothing more than an upset stomach. Large doses can be poisonous.


Stay Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving all you little munchkins !

Love, Z & A 💜

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