London Fashion Week for Dogs – Who, Why, & Where


And what a Wooftastic show it was!



Sniffie is a recently launched dog-wear fashion brad aimed at small to medium sized dogs – so no, Zeus was unfortunately not invited.

The collection ranges from £69 ($92) to £179, and supposedly follows current human fashion trends. Co-founder of the brand, Caroline Roberts – who has previously worked with the likes of Victoria Beckham, believes that current dog fashion is outdated and of poor quality.

The brand aims to use ‘exclusive’ materials and relevant patterns – although as a dog owner the first thing to jump into my mind is how practical are these exclusive materials?

How did Sniffie go about determining what is an exclusive material to use for pet-wear- and what are the criterias’ for the fabrics chosen?

Are the fabrics exclusive and desirable in the opinion of the human or in the opinion of the dog?

I will do my best to find answer to these questions for the followup post


Well this one should be pretty obvious – the pet industry is booming.

65% of US households are pet households and the capita spent per household on these pets has steadily increased every year for the last decade. Through the humanisation of pets and phenomenons such as millennials buying homes for their pets rather than spouses or children – most experts consider the pet industry completely recession free.

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Pet accessories, right after food. is the second biggest category in the market. – Pets.stackexchange

Sniffie is trying to break into this segment of the market – and they strongly believe that there is demand for luxurious pet wear. I can understand why they would only cater to small dogs and their owners – I am not sure whether I would dress my Rottweiler Zeus in a fluorescent yellow lacy jumpsuit. 

IMG_9533And then more questions come to mind:

Why are we trying to imitate human clothing for dogs? Isn’t it the same as when brands try to mimic adult fashion to children’s fashion – if not slightly worse as we are different breeds of animal altogether with different needs?

Shouldn’t there be different expectations, trends, and desirabilities for pet fashion compared to human fashion? – Zeus & Anna

The show, the outfits, and the overall concept of dressing your dog naturally raises a lot of questions and the topic is widely discussed . I will be exploring these issues in my next post.

  • How does your dog feel about being dressed?
  • Are there psychological reasons for humans dressing their dogs?
  • How does dressing your dog affect the overall mental, behavioural and physical wellbeing of your dog?

I ultimately do believe that it can be ok to dress your dog for short periods of time for the sake of photoshoots etc. and that sometimes there are actual health demands that require certain clothing for pets.

However, I also STRONGLY believe that there is a big difference between dressing your dog and treating your dog like a human – and that this is an incredibly important line that needs to be understood by pet owners. – Zeus & Anna

Please check out DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR DOG IS NOT A HUMAN? to read more about how to make sure that you are not incorrectly forcing your dog to comply with human social expectations – and therefore harming the wellbeing of your dog.

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Now to this place I’d go to again and again.

The Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, London E2 9NF.

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What a venue, and what an awesome group of staff.

Greyhound Dizzy & Marie Baxter, the General Manager of the TownHall Hotel

After the show had finished and I had made my way to the reception area to wait for my Uber, a wonderful Irish woman and her Greyhound – who I soon found out was the hotel dog – came to join me where I was sitting.

We quickly got into a spirited and passionate conversation about the story of her dog, our opinions about the pooch fashion show, and how the TownHall Hotel had become a dog friendly hotel.

This picture was above a big donation jar in the reception of the Town Hall Hotel

It turned out that this warm and kind lady was Marie Baxter, the General Manager of the TownHall Hotel, and she had a genuine and heartfelt enthusiasm for not only raising awareness to the many facets of dog abuse but also to the intriguing fact that since her hotel had begun inviting dogs – her customers it seemed had become happier as well.

Many Greyounds, like Dizzy herself, face a sad and cruel fate after they become unable to compete in races. Racing Greyhounds are still to this day seen as a commodity and a means to an end – after they stop bringing in money through races they are either put into shelters or simply killed – this is after their ears have been cut off so that the dogs cannot be traced to their original owners. (Racing Greyhounds have markings inside their ears, like cows or pigs, that connect them with their owners).

Racing is a gruelling sport for the dogs themselves and many greyhounds die prematurely because of racing caused injuries or ailments.

– Zeus & Anna

Marie explained that before introducing dogs to the hotel – herself and many other decision makers at the hotel worried whether having dogs present would be a deterrent to some customers. It seems that quite the opposite has been true!

A fashion show attendee and her dog next to Dizzy’s Greyhound Donation jar

To the right of the reception is a long corridor – which the hotel staff and customers endearingly have called ‘The Dizzy Corridor’ as this is Dizzy’s favourite hangout spot when Marie is not around.

According to Marie, many customers specifically request the Dizzy Hall so that they can be closer to the distinguished, elderly and calm hotel mascot – and to be fair so would I ! I’d come armed with a bag of treats and yummies for Dizzy to enjoy every time I walked past her 🙂

Greyhound Dizzy & Marie Baxter, the General Manager of the TownHall Hotel

Although I did not have the opportunity to visit any of the rooms, the communal areas that I did spend time in were beautiful – there was a calm, understated luxurious feel about the hotel that made me comfortable immediately. Naturally this feeling was multiplied by a 1000 the second that I met Dizzy and Marie.

I’d probably spend money just to spend time with these two – let alone to stay at the hotel. If these two are responsible for the ethos, atmosphere, experience, and overall personality of the hotel then TAKE MY MONEY ❤️

Love, Z & A 💜

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