How to survive Festival weekend without your crazy pooch.

It’s not easy leaving our little fluffball babies while we go away to LaLaLand dressed in fluff. It makes us feel guilty and we worry that our pooch won’t have as much fun over the weekend – and that obviously just wouldn’t be fair.

That is why I have made a list on how to get through these challenging times                                                                                🐶 

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  1. Make sure that your pooch is in safe hands while you’re away

Now I know this may sound like captain obvious but even I get this wrong on occasion. Isn’t it funny how every pet owner intrinsically knows the sleep-depriving panic and uncertainty that comes with leaving our pooch somewhere or with someone that we are not 100% comfortable with – yet somehow we still don’t always plan enough in advance.

If only this woman could just move in. Z’s grandma is the best ❤️

Unfortunately my parents don’t live in the same country as myself and my lovely little sister is this weekend ballin’ it up in Mykonos (jealous). If you are in a similar situation in which family is not an option than make sure that you have fool proofed (or shall I say PAW-PPROVED) the location or individual with whom your pooch is staying. This means that your pooch should have test stayed with this caretaker for a night or two before you actually leave. This is particularly true, if like myself, you have a slightly naughty and more demanding pup.

Let’s see whose gonna be taking care of who. Bring it Felicia.

If your friends don’t like you enough or maybe your dog doesn’t like them enough, you will be glad to know that you do have other low-cost options. Thankfully we are not alone in our pup-crazy and there are tons and tons of individuals who are not as fortunate as us. There are awesome websites nowadays where you can find truly devoted and responsible animal lovers who can step in for short or longer periods of time to take care of your pooch. When using, in essence ‘strangers’ my advice should ring particularly true; TEST STAY your pooch with the caretaker well in advance before you leave! There is nothing as horrible as not being able to shake your tush along to Guy Gerber in peace because you’re worried about your dog.

Websites for dog care takers that I would recommend:


🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶


Why would your pooch not be allowed to join in on the festivities too?! That just wouldn’t be right or furrair !

Boo this looks wooftastic on you !

In order to avoid feelings of guilt or betrayal while you’re away (good luck to us all), have a little dog friendly festival at home before you leave (To find yummy recipe ideas check out my recipes section in the blog).

Whatever hasn’t killed us …. better run .

This also comes in handy for yourself – as it gives you the opportunity to practice all your festival – war make up before you make your official debut. Our pooches, as we all know, are very kind and forgiving judges – pawfect 👌

  1. Take tons of Pictures of you & your pooch having a blast in Pooch Festival

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Z almost managed to eat all da flowers. Almost. 💜

THIS IS A MUST – in particular if you are planning on not being completely sober during your festival shenanigans. I, myself, can quite easily become slightly dramatic and nostalgic after a few Vodka-Sodas (not to mention after 4) therefore it is essential that I have picture-proof of how much fun Z & I had during our pre-festival pooch friendly partay. This is my almost guaranteed, pawproof way of not feeling too conscience-stricken while shimmy shaking to Axel Boman or Avicii. If you are anything like me – you will fall asleep looking at these pictures 💜 

SIDE NOTE: These purrfect pics of you and pooch – not being weird or lame at all – are also fantastic ice breakers. If you really are missing pooch too much then these pictures will assure you a temporary cuddle partner for the early morning. I mean come on… how could anyone NOT be impressed that you threw your pooch a mini festival before going to the real thing! #winning

The Fun PoPo

  1. Make sure Pooch is no.1 on speed dial/ favourites

As God or Science hasn’t granted us poochphones YET, here is my little trick in the meantime:

zeus in phone Change the name of your caretaker on your phone to your pooches name.

 This is a simple little trick to feeling like you’re just one poochcall away from your boo.

You know this is going to feel legit when you are not really able to see what’s on your screen to begin with.

  1. Facetime = PayTime

Ensure that your caretaker is aware that whatever compensation promised will not be rewarded without face-time moments.

If this is too hard for you (as seeing your pooch live will make you miss them even more), then stick with pictures.

Important moments for caretaker to send pictures (facetime) of:

  • When pooch is eating something yummy
  • When pooch is getting belly scratches
  • When pooch has favourite ball/bone in mouth
Screw your festival. My bone is better.
  • When pooch looks at camera adoringly and clearly is saying “Mummy/Daddy; no-one can take care of me like YOU and you’re the most beautiful, amazing creature in the whole world- but in the mean time this servant is doing just fine”
As you can see.. that’s OBVIOUSLY what he is saying. (At 3am in the morning you’ll believe anything happily and you know it!)
  1. Pooch-Pass-Out

Then finally the moment that you have been dreaming of wide awake ; you and pooch are reunited. This last phase is VITAL in ensuring that all last remnants (as if) of guilt are erased.

We’re unicorns because we say so.

Tips to making this moment as spawcial as possible.

  • Wear matching warm comfy anythings ; once you start being this cool, you won’t be able to stop.
  • Who has time to take make up off or change – pooch more important
  • Who cares that you haven’t eaten properly in a few days – but do make sure that you have pooch treats in all pockets before encountering pooch. I like to hide treats near the front door so that I have access to them immediately upon entering.
  • If your dog is usually not allowed in bed, tonight HE IS!
  • Remind Pooch that no festival in the world will compare to his slobbery smooches.


Happy Festivalling Y’all 💋

Love, Z & A ❤️

All images © 2017 ZeusandAnna




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