Super Easy Dog Friendly Turmeric & Ginger Meatballs with matching Turmeric – Vodka Infused Cocktails 🍹


These literally could not be any easier to make, and they are so good even for Human taste buds. I made half a batch with no salt for Zeus, and the second batch I added seasonings (salt & pepper) for myself.

As with all of my recipes feel free to play around depending on your own taste buds! Add a little bit more ginger, bacon bits, or even lemon zest.


NUTMEG, ONIONS, GARLIC, OR SEASONINGS. *although salt in very small amounts can be fine – it is still not good for doggies and pets*


400g of lean 10% organic minced beef

1 egg

2 medium sized carrots shaved

2 medium sized courgettes shaved

3 table spoons shaved ginger

3 heaped teaspoons of turmeric

A small handful of parsley or coriander


Mix everything together in a big bowl, kneading with your hands. Wet your hands a little bit and take a heaped tablespoon of the mixture into your palm. Roll the mixture with both of your hands into little balls until they are as smooth as possible (no cracks visible).

Place into preheated oven of 175 C or 350 F for about 30 minutes (depending on your oven it might be less, so check them half way through – you don’t want them to get dry!).



As all my friends will know, I am absolutely obsessed with frozen drinks during the summer (and sometimes even in the winter – because it’s not like it gets so cold in London 🙃.  I will literally freeze all of my cocktails – my £20 ice blender from Argos is one of the best purchases I have ever made, and I have to this day yet to try a cocktail that did not work frozen!.

Again, these could not be any simpler however they do take a little bit of pre-planning as the Vodka needs to be infused with the Turmeric for a few days (24 – 72 hours).


1 Bottle of Vodka (make extra so that you can save it for another time for other cocktails)

1.5 Tablespoons of Turmeric

2 rings of Lime or Lemon

Put these all into one big jar, close the lid and put in a cool place. Shake the mixture every time that you walk past it. VOILA! Three days later you have ‘health’ vodka 🤣 (make sure you strain the mixture through a mesh though before using).


Once your turmeric infused vodka is all ready start making cocktails! My recommendation is as follows to be thrown into that blender:

200ml of the infused Vodka

10 ice cubes (you may need more, you may need less depending on the consistency that you want)

1 mango (frozen mango chunks work great!)

5 strawberries (frozen strawberries work great!)

Squeeze of Lime

200ml of water (depending on how strong you like your drinks hehe)

If you want it sweeter add a little bit of syrup or honey 💜

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So of course, we were super lame and actually threw a party around our newly found turmeric love. My mum (Zeus’s Grandma) was visiting and we are all cheesier than the next one. Mum had the fantastic idea to go to the party shop down the street and buy Zeus tons of balloons to pop – to be fair he literally had the best day of his life. Popping balloons and eating meatballs with the fam? Thats Puppy Heaven Right There 💛

Love, Z & A💜

All images © 2017 ZeusandAnna

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